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Our stunning planter range looks good in any home or outdoor area, makes a stunning living gift or can be used by interior designers to enhance their client projects.

Our planters come in a range of 3 broad sizes - remembering that this is not a uniform product and comes straight from nature!

Size Categories:
Small measure 10-20cm high x 10-20cm wide
Medium measure 20-60cm high x 20-40cm wide
Large start at around 80cm high x 40-60cm wide

Types of Plants:
Small plants include herbs such as oregano, Bay trees, chilli plants, rosemary, thyme and mint.  Smaller herbs require replanting generally after one season whereas Bay trees and rosemary are very hardy once established.  We also have a vast array of succulents and aloe vera plants.

Small shrubs include bromeliads, birds nest ferns, jade trees, peace lilies, anthuriums, small plans such as Kentia and Golden Cane, ZZ plants, native finger limes, mother-in-law tongues, rubber plants, agaves and orchids.

Larger shrubs and trees include frangipani's, Kentia and Golden Cane plans, yukkas, bush ferns and dracaena's.

We also make to order if you have something specific in mind.

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