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We started All Natural Planters at the end of 2013 after Mel was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Cam came up with the idea of using hollow logs for our herbs and it went from there.  We love being in the garden and the idea was we could use the planters to earn some money while Mel wasn't working, as well as get us both a little headspace during the treatment.

Now well over a year on, and post-cancer, we're still potting, strapping and creating.  

After selecting the branches or trunks we are going to use we add a mesh to the base to allow free drainage.  The base compartment is lined with plastic to allow indoor watering without damaging floors or counter tops.

All our pots are strapped and buckled in either galvanised aluminium or black metal - both functional to stop the logs from splitting as well as adding a bit of an industrial edge.

Each pot is totally unique in its own way - made by nature and planted by hand.  The colours of the wood are glorious, as are the different outside finishes, some smooth and some quite rustic and rough.